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Dialysis Patient Citizens

Dialysis Patient Citizens is a nationwide, patient-led, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving dialysis patients' quality of life by developing awareness of dialysis issues and improving the partnership between patients and their caregivers. Dialysis Patient Citizens regularly advocates for dialysis patients and works to promote favorable public policy by educating legislators and raising kidney disease awareness in Congress. In doing so, Dialysis Patient Citizens has helped to change government regulations so as to improve patient care and quality outcomes.

Dialysis Patient Citizens's mission is to advance self-care, foster and strengthen partnerships among patients and caregivers, achieve adequate dialysis-related funding, and ensure up-to-date, optimal clinical protocols. Dialysis Patient Citizens strives to reflect the renal patient's voice and relies on input from its 22,000 members to determine its education and advocacy priorities. Its goal is to provide education, access, and confidence to their members, so that they can serve as their own advocates to receive and promote the utmost renal care.

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