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Home Dialysis During COVID: Lessons Learned


Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.

Home Dialysis During COVID: Lessons Learned


Kimberly Davis, RN - Director of Home Dialysis Therapies, Rogosin Institute
Raymond Scott - Home Hemodialysis Patient, NxStage Home Hemodialysis Patient Advocates
Renita Peck - Peritoneal Dialysis Patient, ESRD Network 9, ESRDNCC


Ms. Kimberly Davis is the Director of Home Therapies for Rogosin Institute, overseeing the largest Independent Home Dialysis Program in NY as well as one of the top ten ranked programs in the United States. Ms. Davis (along with her Physician colleagues) had first-hand experience with the first wave of COVID-19 and, with strong partnerships, developed innovative protocols to protect and prevent contraction of the virus in Rogosin's dialysis population.

Raymond Scott is the Co-Founder of 1in9 Charities, Inc., co-Author of 1in9 Tribe, a dedicated husband and father, and a kidney disease warrior and advocate. In 2016 Raymond was a Celebrity Star Dancer with the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona’s Dancing With The Stars. Raymond continues to defy the odds, and in 2020 the 1in9 documentary, A Dance With Destiny, was completed to bring greater awareness to kidney disease. As a home hemodialysis patient for eight years, Raymond enjoys sharing his kidney journey with others. His passion centers around bringing awareness to kidney disease, and championing for prevention and regenerative medicine.

Renita Peck serves as a subject matter expert with the ESRD NCC. She was involved in several of the patient ESRD NCC patient resources. Mrs. Peck is currently on peritoneal dialysis. She was diagnosed with membranous glomerulonephritis in 1999. She started in-center hemodialysis in 2016, but eventually started treating at home. She works full-time as a recruiter for a hospital in Indianapolis and enjoys shopping, spending time with friends, and community service with her sorority. Renita is married and finds delight in spoiling her nieces.

Presentation Objectives:

The presenters will:

  • Demonstrate best practices to use a home therapy.
  • Share patient experiences of using a home therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Provide the patient perspective on the benefits of a home therapy.