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Emergency Grants


When disasters happen, people with kidney disease have special health needs to meet. Emergency grants can pay for things like transportation, medication, and or food to help you meet those needs. Some are available only for specific issues, or only once a year. A social worker may need to sign the paperwork. Check with the social worker on your treatment team before starting an application.

For disaster relief grants, visit the KCER Program Emergency Grants page.

Below are organizations with medical relief support for different diseases and conditions. Use the search tool on each web site, or scroll through their lists, to find out if there are any assistance programs or grants for your situation. Be sure to talk with your social worker before taking the next step.

Emergency funds may be used to help pay for many things, like:

  • Treatment
  • Health insurance
  • Kidney-friendly food
  • Home dialysis supplies
  • Medications
  • Transportation
  • Meeting basic daily living needs, such as rent, food, clothing, utilities and more.   

Funding groups have different rules for completing a grant application and how to submit it. Look at each website for this information. Here’s one example of an application.

Below are the kinds of information you might need to fill out an application.

  • Household income
  • Monthly expenses
  • Current insurance bill
  • Savings
  • Loans

By taking time to review what you need before you start, you will be better prepared.